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Verizon mobile services commercial utilizes a modern take on the “Green Acres Theme” by Vic Mizzy.
Google Smart Watch’s are popularized with the beloved Harry Belafonte song “Jump in the Line” by Harry Belafonte, Ralph de Leon, Gabriel Oller and Steve Samuel.
Scotiabank Canada chose the classic rock song “More Than a Feeling” by Tom Scholz to highlight the bond between father and son.
The band Boston is one of the icons of classic rock. There songs remain just as popular today as when they were first released and appear in commercials, movies, television shows and much more. Their hit song, “More Than a Feeling” can be seen here in the trailer for the Disney/Pixar movie, INSIDE OUT.
The life of the legendary singer, songwriter, actor, activist and global leader, Harry Belafonte is featured in this full length documentary film entitled, “Sing Your Song”.
The life of the incomparable Millie Jackson is featured in this half hour television biopic entitled, “Millie Jackson: Unsung”.
Jan Johnston Great video on Armada.tv from our client Jan Johnston ...we hope you enjoy “As It Should” performed by Tenishia featuring Jan Johnston
Bob McGrath
Bob McGrath has celebrated over thirty years as host of the famed television show, Sesame Street. In addition to his role as music teacher on Sesame Street, Bob is a successful author, songwriter, recording artist and concert performer.
Harry Belafonte
Harry Belafonte is the consummate entertainer. His career has encompassed concert singer, songwriter, recording artist, movie actor, Broadway and television star and producer.
Eric Lindell
Eric Lindell moved from California to New Orleans in 1999 where he quickly discovered the roots music scene. Soon, stars like Branford Marsalis, The Neville Brothers and John Scofield began showing up at his gigs and embracing this fresh California kid’s funky music.
Milton Gabler
Milton Gabler was one of the top record producers of the 1940s and 50s. He started the first independent jazz label, Commodore Records. In addition to his work as a producer, he wrote gems like “Choo Choo Ch’Boogie”, “Danke Schein”, “In a Mellow Tone”, “L.O.V.E.” and “Pagin’ the Devil”.
Jay Gorney
Jay Gorney was a songwriter, producer, author and teacher. His popular song compositions include “Baby Take a Bow”, “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?”, “A Girl in Your Arms”, “Meet the People”, and “You’re My Thrill”.
Ray Griff
Ray Griff is one of the bright lights in country songwriting. His achievements include writing forty-eight songs that landed in the top 100 and receiving 87 ASCAP and BMI citations as a songwriter, artist, producer and publisher.
Groove Coverage
Groove Coverage was formed in 2001 and is composed of German singers Mel and DJ Novus. In 2002, they released their debut album COVERGIRL which included the hits “7 Years and 50 Days”, “The End” and “Runaway”.
Jan Johnston
Jan Johnston is affectionately referred to as the “First Lady of Trance” because she has written and recorded with the world's best DJs and artists including Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Cosmic Gate and BT.
Lucy Simon
Lucy Simon began her career in a duo group called The Simon Sisters which included her then, unknown sister, Carly. The two recorded some folk albums and a very successful children’s album on Columbia Records entitled The Simon Sisters Sing for Children.
Addams Family Theme
By Vic Mizzy/Unison Music Company – 100% – performed by Vic Mizzy from original television show
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
By E.Y. “Yip” Harburg and Jay Gorney/Glocca Morra Music – 50% – and Gorney Music – 50% – performed by Tommy Hollis
Go Out and Get Some (Get It Oucha System)
By Millie Jackson and Randy Klein – 33.33% – Gaucho Music – 33.33% Double Ak-shun – performed by Millie Jackson
Jump in the Line
By Ralph de Leon, Raymond Bell, Steve Samuel and Gabriel Oller/Clara Music Publishing Corp 100% – performed by Harry Belafonte
By Eric Lindell/scootmusic – 100% – performed by Eric Lindell
More Than A Feeling
By Tom Scholz/Pure Songs – 100% – performed by Boston
February 11, 2014
GoldieBlox vs. the Beastie Boys — What Constitutes Fair Use?
Monica Corton discusses a parable on permissions
December 9, 2013
Ebates.com makes parody lyric commercial using the “Addams Family Theme” by Vic Mizzy
Ebates.com combined their love of the Addams Family and love of Cash Back to create a fun, festive ad.
November 13, 2013
Zina Goldrich and Marcy Heisler on Two Decades of Songwriting “Marriage” and Living Happily “Ever After” on Broadway
The songwriting duo reflects on a longtime partnership as they prepare to preview songs from their Broadway-bound musical.
November 7, 2013
Q-and-A with writer Marcy Heisler
As the Jamestown Community Theatre celebrates 23 years with “Dear Edwina,” Marcy Heisler answers questions about the show.
October 27, 2013
Radio Woodstock features Martha Redbone
Martha Redbone and producer John McEuen live interview/performance feature on Radio Woodstock
July 31, 2013
Martha Redbone talks with Pollstar about her Roots Project album
Redbone discusses how she drew inspiration from her own Appalachian roots as well as from the words of 18th century British poet William Blake.
May 9, 2013
Singer Martha Redbone’s journey bends cultures, genres
The Martha Redbone Roots Project’s The Garden of Love – Songs of William Blake wraps Blake’s poetry with Martha’s mountain, Indian and African roots.
April 25, 2013
Martha Redbone Headlines at New Orleans Jazz Fest in 2013
Martha Redbone performs songs from her internationally acclaimed new CD, The Garden of Love – Songs of William Blake.
February 23, 2013
Marcy and Zina — an enduring writing team
After 21 years of writing songs, Marcy Heisler and Zina Goldrich are on the brink of making it big.
February 21, 2013
Digital Music News Features Monica Corton
Monica Corton discusses current issues that indie music publishers are now facing.
November 19, 2012
Martha Redbone on WNYC’s Soundcheck, hosted by John Schaefer
Redbone’s new album sets the works of English poet William Blake to Appalachian music
October 11, 2012
Martha Redbone featured on NPR’s All Things Considered with Robert Siegel
Redbone speaks about making the album and identifying connections between Blake’s English roots and her own Appalachian ones.
January 21, 2010
http://www.nola.com review
Eric Lindell’s - Between Motion and Rest is one Keith Spera's favorite New Orleans CDs of 2010.
October 20, 2009
In Memory of Vic Mizzy
Next Decade remembers Vic Mizzy—the songwriter behind such classics as the “Addams Family” and “Green Acres” themes.
November 5, 2008
Plagiarism in a Digital Age
Next Decade’s Monica Corton talks with The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) about Copyright Awareness Week—an effort to educate the public about copyright law.
September 13, 2008
Billboard Features Next Decade
A feature in Billboard chronicles the success of Next Decade on their 20th anniversary. “People want to work with us because the music is very special and not replaceable,” says Next Decade’s Monica Corton.
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