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20 years of licensing hits
Next Decade is more than just a music publisher. We’re experts with years of experience and knowledge about music and licensing. Our approach is hands-on and service oriented. We work with clients closely to make sure their copyrights are not only protected and properly exploited, but that opportunities for growth and development are identified and that we are involved with the newest companies and people for licensing opportunities.
Over the years we have represented many important catalogues. We also look for exciting new talent all the time, and our roster of songwriters and catalogues is growing constantly.
For information about licensing our client’s songs, click here. If you are an established songwriter with a significant body of work, and are looking for an independent publisher to help you develop and promote your songs, please contact us.
Executive Staff
Stu Cantor
Monica Corton
Senior Executive Vice President
Tim Sweeney
Director of Licensing and Copyright
Stan Cantor
Stu Cantor is the President of Next Decade Entertainment, Inc., which he founded in 1989. Mr. Cantor was formerly President of Buttermilk Sky Associates, Inc. where he oversaw all global publishing activities relating to a 3000 song catalog as well as the publishing catalogs of Orion Pictures, Orion Pictures Television, and the Judy Collins music publishing companies.
Stu Cantor
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